Tacloban 032

Bike Scouts on the ground at the Tacloban Airport.

Tacloban 002

Tacloban Airport

Tacloban 003

Tacloban Airport

Tacloban 005

Tacloban Airport

Tacloban 006

San Jose, Tacloban City

Tacloban 007

Working with Rappler.com to upload survivor data

Tacloban 008

Santo Nino Church, Tacloban City

Tacloban 009

Tacloban City coastline post Yolanda

Tacloban 010

Tacloban City at night post Yolanda

Tacloban 011

Bike Scouts in Tacloban City

Tacloban 012

Damage at the Palo, Leyte Cathedral

Tacloban 013

Tanauan, Leyte

Tacloban 014

Painted messages on the road in Tanuan, Leyte

Tacloban 015

Clearing work, Tanauan, Leyte

Tacloban 035

Putting people in touch with a medical mission in Burak, Leyte

Tacloban 018

Sagkahan, Tacloban City

Tacloban 019

Food aid delivery in Anibong, Tacloban, Leyte

Tacloban 020

Grounded ship on the coast of Anbong, Leyte

Tacloban 021

Grounded ship on the coast of Anbong, Leyte

Tacloban 022

Devastation on the coastline of Tacloban, Leyte

Tacloban 024

Grounded ship in Barangay 69, Anibong, Leyte

Tacloban 026

Catching a ride for resupply and repairs

Tacloban 027

Last C-130 out of Tacloban for the day

Tacloban 028

Tonight’s bed is a damaged baggage cart at the Tacloban Airport

Tacloban 029

Sleeping meters away from a flight line of USAF aircraft

Tacloban 031

Bed is a muddy tarmac at the Tacloban Airport

Tacloban 030

Dawn at the Tacloban Airport, waiting for a ride

Tacloban 033

Homeward bound

Tacloban 034

Bike Scouts 2013



2 thoughts on “Yolanda-Tacloban

  1. I experienced the pains and hardships brought by Super typhoon Yolanda its already part of my bad memories. I thank God for giving me and my whole family another life…

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