Yolanda – Samar

Samar 001

Crossing the channel from Guiuan to Tubabao Island

Samar 003

Arriving in Trinidad, on the far side of Tubabao Island

Samar 014

Coastline of Tubabao Island, Guiuan, Samar

Samar 015

Headed back to Guiuan from Trinidad

Samar 004

Bike Scouts campsite at the Guiuan Airport

Samar 005

Bike Scouts campsite at the Guiuan Airport

Samar 007

Town of Guiuan, post Yolanda

Samar 011

Damaged house along the coastline in Guiuan, Samar

Samar 013

Damaged house in Guiuan, Samar

Samar 012

Church in Guiuan, post Yolanda

Samar 008

Stopping at IOM office in Guiuan, Samar

Samar 009

Sorting supplies for delivery in Guiuan, Samar

Samar 017

Bike Scouts arrival in Sulangan, Samar

Samar 016

Delivered emergency medical supplies to Sulangan, Samar

Samar 018

Bike parking, sleeping area, and storm shelter in Calicoan, Samar

Samar 019

Destroyed cottages on the Calicoan coastline, Samar

Samar 021

Riding into Pagnamitan in Calicoan, Samar

Samar 022

Destroyed chapel in Pagnamitan, Samar

Samar 023

Bridge between Calicoan and Guiuan, Samar

Samar 024

Volunteer doctors and medical supplies arrive by helicopter

Samar 025

Guiuan Airport, Bike Scouts 2013



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