The 1,000Km Ride Project

RIDING OUT ON NOVEMBER 8 for the 2016 1,000Km Ride, presented by Goozam!<!–

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The 1000Km Ride is a project that was started in 2015, in partnership with Rappler, as a flagship project of Bike Scouts Philippines. The main objective of the ride is to raise the level of public awareness about the continuing need for greater knowledge of disaster preparedness in communities along the ride’s route that are most vulnerable to natural disasters. Places like Samar, Leyte, and even parts of Quezon Province and Bicol deal with things like typhoons, landslides, flash floods, and, historically, volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately, these are also areas that have communities that are not necessarily well-engaged in terms of active participation or knowledge of what to do before, during, and in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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“And now, with the support of Goozam, a supplemental first response mobile app and server infrastructure that connects people in the midst of emergencies to “Geovolunteers” in proximity to his or her location.”

Bike Scouts Philippines uses bicycles to access communities and spark interest in how simple solutions like the use of bicycles for community-based disaster preparedness and response can do big things for the safety and well-being of entire communities. The 1000Km Ride demonstrates the incredible capacity of bicycles to cover long distances, it can also carry heavy loads, but most of all the ride shows how a bicycle and a volunteer cyclist can connect communities along a road such as the Asian Highway. The first 1000Km Ride was successfully completed by two Bike Scouts riders, starting from Manila and arriving in Ormoc City in Leyte six days later. This year and the years to follow we plan to continue the ride, not necessarily to ride faster, but to reach more people and their communities to share our advocacy of spreading knowledge of how to be safe and ready in times of danger.


This is a very important thing. In the aftermath of typhoons, for example, it only takes a single man on a bike to go out and look for help that his community needs, he can fetch critical supplies, he can provide important data about his area, and he can relay messages for his friends and family that will allow them to have an alternative means of communication when electricity, telephone service, and internet connection becomes unavailable. This is how the volunteer bicycle messengers of Bike Scouts Philippines serve in the aftermath of storms and other natural disasters, but more importantly this is what we want to share to communities that we visit so that they can do what we do, and in the process gain the ability to help themselves using something as simple as a bicycle.

This year’s 1,000Km Ride is scheduled to ride out from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, on November 8th and will trace the route of the Asian HIghway southwards towards the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Bicol, Sorsogon, Samar, Leyte, and Cebu. We are looking forward to sharing awareness about community-based disaster preparedness and response, about how communities can be Bike Scouts volunteers themselves and be the help and hope that their own communities may need. We hope you can join us in this worthwhile project by giving your much needed support!