Special Projects


We are looking for old or new clothing, toys, and food items that we can include in the gift packages. Please send us a note through bikescoutsph[a]gmail.com or the Bike Scouts Facebook Group if you’re interested in helping out.

DOWNLOAD the Goozam emergency response app for the Midnight Ride, stay safe! Goozam, a supplemental first response mobile app and server infrastructure for “Geovolunteers.” Goozam works by providing users with the ability to send out an emergency call with just one button, the call is sent out to everyone who has the app within a one mile radius of the person who needs help.

Everyone is free to join this ride and you don’t even have to be all in the same place to participate! Simply take whatever extra stuff you have in the house on the 24th of December and do a quick ride to give it to somebody who deserves a gift! Don’t forget to take a picture or shoot video and then share it through our Twitter Account or Facebook Page, and don’t forget to include our hashtag for this project #thisiswhyweride when you shoot your pictures and when you post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Just in case you need a step-by-step description of the project, we’ve made one just for you! >>>HOW-TO-DO-THE-MIDNIGHT-RIDE

Send an email with “Midnight Ride” in the subject line to mylesdelfin[a]gmail.com for questions about sending contributions or how to sign up for the ride.

We are always grateful for the support, have a safe ride!



This Christmas, the Bike Scouts will go on a ride to make a small gesture of sharing. A few of us will take our bikes and ride on the evening of the 24th of December to deliver little packages for those who never even dream anymore of ever receiving a gift. It’s the right time of year, after all, and what better way to put a little more meaning into the season than to ride and make a difference.


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