The Midnight Ride project can be as simple as picking up a pack of noodles and going out for a ride to find somebody who needs a good bowl of hot soup. However, it’s always so much more fun to share the stories we experience on our bike rides. Which is why we’ve come up with an easy step-by-step way to do all of this with as little trouble as possible. Here goes…

1| Buy or collect from kind donors new or old clothing, toys, food items or any other thing that can be useful to its recipient.
2| Wrap items in Christmas paper or any other kind of happy-looking wrapper that makes it look like a present. Don’t forget to include a small note inside the package to let your recipient know that there are still things to hope for in the world.
3| Pack all the presents you’ve wrapped in a bag and then make a cup of hot chocolate, you’ll need energy for the ride.
4| Ride out before midnight on the 24th of December and look for a place where there are people who might be in need of some cheering up. Hand out the presents, bask in the happiness of the moment, take a picture of the big smiles erupting all around you.
5| Ride home, ride safe, enjoy the rest of the evening resting at home. If you can’t help it, upload the pictures from your ride to with a short description of your ride (if you want) and don’t forget to tag it with #thisiswhyweride
6| That’s it, you’ve just spent a very meaningful time sharing warmth and kindness with people who need it most. It might not seem like much but as every Bike Scout that has gone on deployment would know, random acts of kindness are a very powerful source of hope and happiness.
7| Enjoy the rest of the holidays while you wait for the launch of the #thisiswhyweride 2015 Bike Scouts “campaign for good” video. Have a great year ahead and always stay safe!



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